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Marc Jhon


Or you could call me KL. That works too . . .

Software Engineer

Hey! How nice of you to look at my personal site, Thank you!
I am software engineer that specializes at backend apis, front end integration, recently found myself studying UX too.

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What i do.

I`ve been coding professionally for 7 years now and currently working as a Software Engineer that focuses on architecture, APIs, nitty-gritty business logics and even front end integration stuff now, how time flies!

Here are few technologies that are cup of my tea coffee .

  • C# - .NET.Core
  • Javascript (ES6+)
  • Typescript
  • Node
  • Graphql
  • React
  • NextJS
  • Docker

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Places i’ve worked.

Since 2016, had a privilege to work with several companies that enables me to hone my skills and talents. These companies will always have a special place in my heart. Currently I am working with Deloitte.

Software Engineer Consultant#Deloitte Consulthing Phils. Delivery Center

Sep 2021 - Present

  • Contributed to the design and development of a comprehensive .NET payment integration project for a client That covered credit card payments and subscription management. Introduced Stripe as a new payment provider within the system architecture. Participated in triaging, fixing and adding new functionalitiesto multiple Azure powered APIs of the same client.
  • Worked as a Sitecore Backend on new Deloitte Digital AU Site.
  • Udergone training for .NET Sitecore 10, Sitecore SXA and different topologies it provides. and Passed Sitecore 10 .NET Developer Certification.

Some of my works.

Check out some of the works I made at freelancing, company projects and even case studies.

#01 Tobira!

Japanese social media platform for travelers to show off their adventure to the world. I was incharge of Front end integration, made using React, Antd and Styled Components.

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#02 RSV

RSV is a smart contract (ERC20) powered reservation system. I am incharge of backend using NET.Core 2.1.

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#03 Agora School

A quizz - reviewer LMS, I made as a freelancer. Backend were powered by PHPSlim and VueJS for Front end.

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Agora School
TMH Layla EC
#04 TMH Layla EC

A Japanese Semi-conductor e-commerce made at my old place at IVP. I was working with backend using ASP.NET MVC

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Dev.to blog

I write dev related things from time to time!

Let's talk about Curry.... no, not Steph or the food.

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Jun 30 '21

Have you ever gone to a interview and interviewer ask you a question. "Do you know what currying is...

Playing with Dependency injection in a Console app?

csharp, programming

Jun 26 '21

A few days ago I was asked to create some console app that lets you ask some question around weather....

Say hi!

Though, I am fairly introverted myself. I do reply to messages as long as my human interaction battery lasts. Coding, work, movies or even weeb stuff, anything is cool. So feel free to message me on any of my social media or shoot me an email.

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